Peterson PTA Membership Goal: 720


Be a Hero and join PTA! Membership is now online! Becoming a member of your Peterson's PTA speaks louder than you know.    The more PTA members we have, the more our voice is heard.  Some of your membership dues go to our school to benefit all the fantastic programs that your kids enjoy, but other monies are forwarded up the PTA chain.  Lobbyists, paid for by your contribution, are working hard at the state and federal levels to get as much attention and resources focused on education.   Their hard work ensures that your children get an excellent, competitive education.  The larger the PTA is as a whole, the "louder" and more powerful the message. 

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Member Perks


There are more local and tangible benefits too.  Check out California's PTA webpage for details of fabulous perks of membership, such as Aquarium of the Pacific, Dave & Busters, Discovery Cube discounts, etc.

Come Join Us!


Be a part of our rocking team! We are always looking for volunteers and need your help! If you would like to volunteer please email our VP of Volunteers Jen at